Come Back, Robbie Dillon

by John Jordan

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Produced by John Jordan


released December 2, 2018

Recorded December 2, 2018, at Osmosis HQ.


all rights reserved



Osmosis Unlimited Montreal, Québec

Saxophonist singer John Jordan and a collection of Montreal's finest musicians produce original music in ska, reggae, rock, soul, and a host of other genres.

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Track Name: Come Back, Robbie Dillon
Robbie Dillon, Robbie Dillon
Some call him a saint
Some call him a villain
Some know him as Robbie Dick
But when the chips are down he’s my top pick

The lonely streets of NDG
Oh how they miss you Robbie D
Walkley, Somerled, and Benny
Come back to us, Robbie D
We’re waiting at the corner store
Just to see you just once more
We hope you’re not off doing time
Come back to the 5 and dime

From your early days near Cavendish
On the farm you made your wish
To rise above your poverty
Nothing could keep you from being free
Soon you and your friends were running things
Stealing hearts and pulling strings
About your gang we all did marvel
I heard about you all the way to Harvard

We never went to Benny Pool
We were careful we were no fools
Throughout the land your legend rang
We all feared the Benny gang
Never met you til I was 30
In that famous bar so dirty
On the Main just below Pine
We both worked for Vice at the time

You were mad at the editor
And to me you were like a predator
Asking if it could be true
That he attributed his words to you
Your anger made it hard to think
But still we talked it out over drinks
I think eventually you quit
It was for the best, that little shit

After that we crossed paths some
Around you I always felt kinda dumb
Your wit, your mind, and your sarcasm
Bordering on iconoclasm
But always you supported me
Even when madness contorted me
So from those days until the end
I’m blessed to have you as a friend

Robbie’s gone from NDG
But still lives on in memory
Gentleman, philosopher, dream of girls
Smartest crook in the underworld
Let us not dwell on your past
And how you have what you’ve amassed
Instead we walk on your new path
Your higher education aftermath

The streets here they still call your name
But you are playing a different game
Now you have a new economy
Brandishing your new philosophy
But no matter how far away you roam
This neighbourhood will always be home
You can take the thug out of NDG
Come back and see us Robbie D

Robbie Dillon, Robbie Dillon
Some call him a saint
Some call him a villain
Some know him as Robbie Dick
But when the chips are down he’s my top pick
Track Name: London Girl
London Girl

That London Girl
She’s a wonder girl
I wanna plunder her
And get under her
London Girl
Outta this world
She’s so fine
She blows my mind

Hey London Girl
Whatcha up to
If you were Parliament
I’d disrupt ya
London Girl
You’re the bomb
You know you got it
Going on
London Girl
How did you get so
Super dope
Everybody says so
London Girl
You have the power
So long as you rest
And have a shower

That London Girl
She’s one rare pearl
I wanna deep dive
In your deep jive
London Girl
You got me bested
Did your parents
Have you tested?

Oh London Girl
Oh London Lady
With you I never
Will be shady
London Girl
I speak the truth
To me you are my
Fountain of Youth
London Girl
You are my muse
You got me so
Beautifully confused
London Girl
And two-headed dolphins
Your words set fire
To my endorphins

Not from the London
You’re thinking of
No Buckingham Palace
Releasing doves
But nonetheless
She is my Queen
Sweetest majesty
I ever seen
The sovereign
of Ontario
The only reason
I would go
To be with her
I’d be delighted
To be on one knee
And by her knighted

London Girl
Straight hair no curls
Dancing and whirling
Your flag unfurling
London Girl
I salute you
I only wish
I could uproot you
London Girl
Oh London Girl
Mistress of
The Underworld
London GIrl
Oh London Woman
I swear to God
You’re superhuman
Track Name: Sweet Chastity
Sweet Chastity

She’s blastin’ me I want Chastity
To be the last thing that I see
Before I sleep Sweet Chastity
I’m not trying to be Some kind of creep
So bear with me Sweet Chastity
She’s always outlasting me
I am forecasting she’s The everlasting key

Don’t really know you well indeed
Just from the pictures in my feed
They really are just so damn good
Wish you lived in my neighbourhood
The things you share are really cool
And you never suffer fools
Sweet Chastity, sweet Chastity
So full of vitality

Chastity One tough Chevy
You can preach and I’ll believe
Let me get down on my knees
Chastity You are so pretty
Anyone with eyes can see
Your light that shines so heavenly
Chasity Sweet Chastity
You don’t use An apostophe

I know you make it look easy
But there’s more to it, Chasity
I know you live with pain and hurt
I think you’re an outgoing introvert
You got style and you got sass
You got grace and you got class
You’re no Disney princess waiting
You’re an engine accelerating

Oh Chastity this one’s for you
From someone you have inspired
More power to you in all you do
I just love the way you’re wired
You got brains you got it all
And that je ne sais quoi
Let’s paint the town and have a ball
Let’s break all the laws

Honestly Would you and me
Really be A Catastrophe
Chastity You’re spellcastin’ me
Can’t you see You’re the bee’s kness
I wanna be a leaf in Your soul tree
Sweet Chastity Sweet Chastity
Deliver me your Sweet relief
Chastity Be all that you can be

I wanna know your Philosophy
Chasity I think you’re sweet

Chastity Oh your mastery
Of grace and style are passed to me
Chastity, Sweet Chastity
I hope some day We finally meet
She’s blastin’ me I want Chastity
To be the last thing that I see
Track Name: Yukie
I got a pen pal in Japan
I write to her whenever I can
She’s a mama and a daughter
Write her more I really ought to
She has a heart big as a tower
She has a quiet inner power
One day we will go watch Kabuki
Me and my Yukie Onuki

She has the most discerning eye
Sometimes I really have to try
To work hard to get her approval
Or risk temporary removal
But she usually forgives
I ask her please live and let live
Yukie Onuki my friend in the East
For her my love has not decreased

Yukie’s loved and Yukie’s lost
Yukie knows of love’s true cost
Yukie’s strong and responsible
For her nothing is impossible
Some things I say she won’t put up with
Nonetheless her I have fun with
One day I’ll fly across the sea
And get to meet Yukie Onuki

We may have a language barrier
But I’d name an aircraft carrier after her
We met through a mutual friend
My mate in jolly old England
I did a little dance of glee
The first time that she messaged me
Yukie Onuki what a name
She should be in the Hall of Fame

Track Name: Pyramid Scheme
They’re mugging us, slugging us,
Spying on and drugging us
It’s in the food, it’s in the water
It’s in your sons and in your daughters
It’s in our veins, it’s in our brains
Binding us with invisible chains
You call this freedom, I call it madness
The whole thing fills me up with sadness

Pyramid scheme it’s what I’m meaning
From the top to the bottom I know I’m not dreaming
Insidious long term plot to rule
Your being controlled before you even hit school
Pyramid scheme we’re so demeaned
Non stop brainwashing on every screen
What can we do oh what can we do
To free the many from the few

Bridges burnt no turning back
Every hour a new attack
In the war for your very soul
International mind control
Poor fight poor just over scraps
Never mind the affluence gap
How can oh so very few
Put the screws to me and you

Pyramid scheme we’re really screwed
You’re blind if you can’t see the truth
That military doesn’t protect you
It protects the mighty masters from you
Pyramid scheme it’s been so long
This is not the first nor the last song
Controls you with your anxieties
Hiding behind secret societies

All the gold at the top of the ladder
Down below we’re just getting sadder
While the masters are getting fatter
Time has come for our numbers to matter
If we could just band together
Flock just like birds of a feather
Stop looking around seeing only others
And realize we are sisters and brothers

United planet family
Human being amity
Stopping this calamity
Averting the catastrophe
Every human truly free
No hunger no poverty
Sharing the bounty equally
This is my dream one day to see
Track Name: What the Heck, Jodie Beck?
What the Heck, Jodie Beck?

What the heck, Jodie Beck?
What the heck? What the heck?
Good and evil are neck and neck
Check one two, check check check
What the heck, Jodie Beck?
What the freakin’ freakin’ heck?
I got on my turtleneck
Let’s you and me hit the discotheque

You have travelled you have roamed
I’m glad you call my city your home
Our encounters may be spaced out
But you will never be phased out
You can translate Japanese
You like salad you like cheese
You will meet me anywhere
You I love and for you I care

Jodie Beck you are a wonder, you
If I were I pirate I would plunder you
If you were a flag I would salute you
If I were a pimp I’d never prostitute you
But you’re not any of those things
You’re the girl of whom I sing
You’re a girl who knows her stuff
And for me that’s good enough

We may never share a burger
But let’s talk about Blackie, Alberta
Our parents they did some time there
Maybe we are cousins dear
Cause you know in those small towns
People really got around
I think of you as my relation
I hope this gets on all the stations

Jodie Beck, oh Jodie Beck,
Tell me I am not a wreck
Tell me I’ve been good to you
I try so hard, I really do
You have been so good to me
Couldn’t ask for better company
I only hope I’ve done you right
All the day and all the night
Track Name: Rise and Shine
Rise and shine
It will be fine
Tonight you’re mine
To wine and dine
Just last the day
Make your way
Hear what I say
Together we lay
Rise and shine
The new day is fine
Must keep on trying
Not to be lying
To tell the truth
To lead the youth
The pain we must soothe
To not be uncouth

Morning has risen
And the day waits
Are you in prison
Behind the gates
No lock can stop you
No guard no rifle
No wall can block you
Nothing can stifle
Every hour
Every minute
Is within your power
You know you can win it
Every second every hour
All of the time
You know you will reckon
Committing no crime
The future beckons

It’s not a race
Nor a test of strength
Go at your own pace
Go for your own length
What’s not done today
Will be done tomorrow
Time now to play
And forget all our sorrows
We have been patient
Doing what we must
Our motivation
Is doing what’s just
So we can come together
At the end of our shift
Together whatever
Our bond is a gift

So many realities
So many perceptions
Not many guarantees
Of no misconceptions
The odds that we’d join up
Are two in 7 billion
We’re just two lost grown ups
Two helpless civilians
We may not be able
To fix the whole Earth
But here at our table
Our love it is worth
All of the water
In all of the seas
Our sons and daughters
Will march toward peace
Track Name: Hosson and On
Hosson and on

Onwards ho
Hosson and on
Onwards we go
Hosson and on
Ever forward
Hosson and on
Sailing shoreward
Hosson and on

Oh good Rosemary
You’re a piston
Should I be wary
Because you’re listenin’
You’re at the wheel
Your foot on the gas
Are you for real
You are first class
Beautiful Rosemary
Beautiful dame
Don’t be contrary
Don’t be ashamed
You got the power
You got the gift
To reach the top of the tower
You give me a lift

Rosemary you sly one
Rosemary you deep
“Rosemary just try one”
You sow what you reap
You been many places
You’ll go many more
You’re off to the races
Adventures galore
Rosemary Rosemary
Godspeed to you
You can do anything
You want to do
Rosemary Rosemary
Your time is now
Rosemary Rosemary
You’ll make it somehow

That which you’re looking for
Is already inside you
You don’t need nobody
To walk beside you
To be in your company
Is the highest honour
Let no one accompany
Who lives with dishonour
No one can make you
More than you are
Only you can take you
As far as you want
Forget the suitors
With their conditions
They’re all just looters
In awkward positions
Track Name: The Cat's Ass
The Cat’s Ass

You’re mutant powers,
You’re radiation
You’re April showers
You’re a radio station
You stand for justice
Speak the truth
I bet you change clothes
In an old phone booth
Do you have a secret
Somebody you secretly
Retreat to be
I bet you must
You can’t be awesome
It’s not possible

You’re The Cat’s Ass
You’re a master class
You’re the bee’s knees
You’re a masterpiece
You’re the King’s ring
Or something something
You’re a time bomb
It’s on it’s on
You’re Cosby
Without the rape
You’re democracy
Without the red tape
You’re flying
Like Wonder Woman
Invisible jet
I’m assuming

Cyan, magenta,
Yellow and black
There is nothing
That you lack
You’re a rainbow-farting
Super grooving
And airborne
Like a virus
I wanna catch
You’re so desirous
You’re my match
Light my fire
Burn me up
A burning pyre
You turn me up

You’re The Cat’s Ass
You’re a master class
You’re the bee’s knees
You’re a masterpiece
You’re the King’s ring
Or something something
You’re a time bomb
It’s on it’s on
You’re Cosby
Without the rape
You’re democracy
Without the red tape
You’re flying
Like Wonder Woman
Invisible jet
I’m assuming

This is the greatest love of all
Together in admiration
Nothing is above it all
No greater sensation
Yes you are the one for me
And I the one for you
We can do anything we’re free
But this is what we choose
Stand by each other, side by side
Through every kind of weather
Taking turns in the driver’s side
We’re getting there together
Haters they is gonna hate
And some will call us cheesy
But there’s no one I’d rather date
You just make it so easy
Track Name: Who Framed Pussy?
Hang your pussy on the wall / Let your pussy deck the halls / This is a job that's pretty cushy / Deciding where to put your pussy
Pussy here and pussy there / Pussy whiskers pussy hair / Pussy all across the land / You'll pry my pussy from my cold dead hands

Who framed my pussy / Who set pussy up / Who dropped a dime / It's messing me up / Who is the rat / Can anyone tell me / Where my pussy at / Got pussy to sell me

Who framed my pussy / Pussy Galore / I got my pussy / At the old pussy store / She was on sale / 50% off / Don't step on her tail / She'll bite your face off

My pussy just might be a Persian / I hope and pray you're not allergic / Tell no tales and sink no ships / Keep shut tight those pussy lips
Pussy licks and pussy bites / Pussy is so outtasight / Do you want pussy's autograph? / Sometimes pussy gets the shaft

If you let your pussy out to play / It may run away some day / Pussies like to make new friends / You may never see your pussy again / But don't let this sad fact get you down / You just have to look around / The more you look, the more you stare / There are pussies everywhere
Track Name: John Jordan