Ponque Rocque

by John Jordan

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better be ready cause it’s happening better be steady gonna be a reckoning Time hard Get out the yard Hit the streets Feel the beat feel the beat Rise up Wise yourself up Join hands And strike up the band Stand up for what you believe in Stand up for what is true Rise up and and fight the powers That make it their mission to exploit you Stand up for those who have fallen Stand up for those who have lost No matter what the consequence No matter what the cost
Politician 02:18
Politician law magician Your pen's a magic wand Write your scroll You're on a roll But is your word your bond? Politician on a mission Power hungry whore Buy your votes By changing coats And knocking door to door Politician rage ignition It's you who fans the fire Indignation Soul castration Silver tongued liar Politician our perdition I didn't say it first The only ones Who want the job Are the very worst. Politician: new condition If you want to lead Take a vow Of poverty And do the job for free
No more sleeping On the job No more nodding off Do you wanna get robbed? No more crying Out for mom No more sleeping On the job Night time night time Is the right time For all kinds of trouble man Stay up Stay up From night til day up I hate to burst your bubble man Mission ignition It’s all gone fission Be on high alert Direction correction The selection It’s time to save the earth One time fate Twice coincidence Three times enemy action It’s not too late For your defence Just better have some traction Walls mean nothing Nor do locks The last defender is you Mind your conscience And your soul Don’t let the enemy through So many before us Have fallen at their feet History has lead us here Will we see defeat They always keep on coming Trying to control But we will always fight for The right to be free souls
Only Jah 04:05
ONLY JAH by Mello G Only Jah can make it happen Got to depend on him Only Jah can make it happen Got to leave it up to him Say you gotta be wise The devil are coming in disguise Comin’ to trick you To use and abuse you, well And I refuse you well And try to confuse you but Don’t let them catch hold you Sometimes you think that You can do it All by yourself hey You doesn’t need Someone else but Even though Jah give you the strength and Motivation To carry on Through the raging storm Jah Jah keep me going on and on I keep holding on I will go on and on Until the dust of dawn I keep on holding on I keep holding strong Say you don’t know We need Jah in our life And without him We just can’t survive I need Jah Jah loving at the morning Inna de dust In the dawning Him a me food any time me yawning Wake me up at night and in the early morning
Somebody got to pay 
For what got took away
 Lay it out
 Play it out
 Listen what I say 
Somebody got to spend
 Until the very end
 The bell is rung
 The song is sung
 I told you I don't lend Your freedom was bought off the skin of slaves
 And conquering the land of the brave 
Now it's time to pay for what you took
 Just pony up and don't give me that look No more saying well boys will be boys 
If you take advantage we'll make noise
 No more shaking heads and not all men 
No more me too just never again To all the have nots and all the needing 
This is for you, your righteous greeting
 Stand up, rise up, make demands
 We can pry it from their hands
 The wealth and power they've been hoarding
 Will be reclaimed in shortest order 
Stand together united strong
 Fight the system, right the wrongs
Stop War! 03:56
Stop war 
Stop war 
Don’t enlist 
Don’t be the tyrant’s fist 
Stop hate 
Stop hate 
Be top rate 
Just don’t participate Be all you can be 
Fuck the Army
 Forged by the sea 
Fuck the Navy 
Looking for a few good men 
Fuck the Air Force again 
The Few, the Proud, the Marines 
 Fuck you for being obscene Pick up a gun 
 To shoot another one 
And saying it’s freedom
 You’re just a hit man, son 
There’s something in their ground 
Or something in their seas 
That your leaders have found 
Is worth more than peace You have the power 
To stop the machine
 Without the manpower 
 There’s no military
 Turn your back on the worst gang 
Since kingdoms were started 
The wolf loses his fangs 
So be lionhearted Don’t lay down your life 
Your soul, your body 
Don’t widow your wife 
For even the Saudis 
For capitalist strife 
That death is shoddy
 Stay home and stay free 
And instead love somebody
This Shithead This King of The Sheeple Is so full of shit Enema of the People This big turd This festering creep’ll Crap all over you Enema of the People What great ass shat you Out into the world Come out of your cupboards You boys and girls Give praise to the stain The dirties our flag He don’t like the rain It makes his hair sag Wipe all you want it We’ll never get clean We’ll always be haunted By this poop machine Spews from his hole Like there’s no tomorrow This shit has no soul Just Twitter followers His ass he wipes With the Stars and Stripes This stinking bum A shit conundrum The Commander in Shit Is overdue for a hit If only maybe We could count on the First Lady This festering pile Who’s been here a while Is completely indecently Destroying us recently It’s his time to go And this much I know Puppet of the Russian Won’t someone be flushin’?
Area-Ola 03:07
438 or 514? You want it great You want some more 514 or 450 Off to war? We ain’t gonna go 450 or 418? Don’t know We never late 418 or 506? Let me state We’re full of tricks 506 or 902? Doggy sics And so do you 902 or 709? What we do We do in real time 709 or 604? You gotta line Up at the door 604 or 403? You got someplace Better to be? 403 or 306? Can’t you see This rhyme it sticks? 306 or 204? Oil slicks In the north 204 or 416? Are you sore From making hits? 416 or 514? Come on, there is no question.
You done the crime now you won the time Thanks to going one step over the line Thats all it takes so that it makes You give your time on your own dime Out of your life will come the hours It really is out of your powers You must grow up you must show up And navigate the towering towers Service to your fellow man Give back any way you can We will best you, we will test you Rehabilitation is the plan You must be clever No matter the weather You must represent, you must be present Everybody come together Everybody come together Community service today For my mistake I will pay Community service I say So many hours every day Community service my friend Until I make it to the end Community service job Dropping service like a bomb All it took was one mistake That one time your judgements break Never undone, this fate you’ve won Now so early you must wake To do your designated assignment You cannot put it on consignment You must commit, stand or sit This is mandatory confinement Must help your brothers and sisters Listen up I’m telling you misters Break the law, be an outlaw Pay until your hands got blisters Time recorded by the court It may be long it may be short Depending on just what you’ve done It may be your last resort Community service here I go I’ve got to pay my dues I know Community service make it fun What’s one cannot be fast undone Community service yes yeah yes This is my citizenship test Community service what a scene I’m a part of the machine Let me help you It’s what I owe The righteous judge Told me so My time is yours My minutes, my hours I will do all That’s in my power To be repentant and contrite All the day and all the night Pay back karma for my sins It’s justice so everybody wins I regret the things I’ve done This assignment I have won From all the things that I do lack Now I’m getting back on track Pay it forward Pay it back I give my time And cut no slack Put in the hours Put to the test I have the power To be my best Community service how does it feel To be doing something real To put the scales back into balance Together we have great valence Community service rah rah rah Never forget the ones I saw Working hard to right their wrongs For us I sing this little song
One Shot 03:11
When guns come in to play 
And bullets they do spray 
It's just another day
 In the good old USA When innocents are slain 
And into the ground are lain 
While mothers cry in pain 
Making America Great Again One shot at a time 
Don't worry you'll be fine 
Just give the NRA your dimes 
To push the tools of crime Cold heart assassination 
Every day across the nation 
No amount of indignation 
Can stop this foul damnation Of guns and ammunition 
In the hands of those with no contrition 
This is our perdition 
Long past the point of abolition Where is hope and salvation 
For this bloody hell bent nation 
Blood on every station 
This violence inflation Rare the day without a shooting 
And so the armies keep recruiting 
If only we were substituting 
Love for random executing Until you fix your troubled past 
Today's murders won't be the last 
Your fate is sealed, the die is cast 
Your flag will forever fly half mast
Oh, so we’re using gas now Oh so that’s a thing Gotta protect the cash cow Let freedom ring Oh, so we’re using gas now Oh it’s come to this Bring your tired, your poor, your hungry And taste freedom’s kiss You want a better life For your child and wife Free from the strife And you’ve come to our feif Just turn back around Or lay down on the ground This is the sound Of you being shot down Many are criminals Many diseased Can’t take the chance Is what we believe How can we take you How will you eat When our own vets Die alone in the street Land of the free Home of the brave But to you we say Go live in a cave O beautiful For spacious skies For amber waves of grain The statue of Liberty lies and lies
Robbie Dillon, Robbie Dillon Some call him a saint Some call him a villain Some know him as Robbie Dick But when the chips are down he’s my top pick The lonely streets of NDG Oh how they miss you Robbie D Walkley, Somerled, and Benny Come back to us, Robbie D We’re waiting at the corner store Just to see you just once more We hope you’re not off doing time Come back to the 5 and dime From your early days near Cavendish On the farm you made your wish To rise above your poverty Nothing could keep you from being free Soon you and your friends were running things Stealing hearts and pulling strings About your gang we all did marvel I heard about you all the way to Harvard We never went to Benny Pool We were careful we were no fools Throughout the land your legend rang We all feared the Benny gang Never met you til I was 30 In that famous bar so dirty On the Main just below Pine We both worked for Vice at the time You were mad at the editor And to me you were like a predator Asking if it could be true That he attributed his words to you Your anger made it hard to think But still we talked it out over drinks I think eventually you quit It was for the best, that little shit After that we crossed paths some Around you I always felt kinda dumb Your wit, your mind, and your sarcasm Bordering on iconoclasm But always you supported me Even when madness contorted me So from those days until the end I’m blessed to have you as a friend Robbie’s gone from NDG But still lives on in memory Gentleman, philosopher, dream of girls Smartest crook in the underworld Let us not dwell on your past And how you have what you’ve amassed Instead we walk on your new path Your higher education aftermath The streets here they still call your name But you are playing a different game Now you have a new economy Brandishing your new philosophy But no matter how far away you roam This neighbourhood will always be home You can take the thug out of NDG Come back and see us Robbie D Robbie Dillon, Robbie Dillon Some call him a saint Some call him a villain Some know him as Robbie Dick But when the chips are down he’s my top pick
They’re mugging us, slugging us, Spying on and drugging us It’s in the food, it’s in the water It’s in your sons and in your daughters It’s in our veins, it’s in our brains Binding us with invisible chains You call this freedom, I call it madness The whole thing fills me up with sadness Pyramid scheme it’s what I’m meaning From the top to the bottom I know I’m not dreaming Insidious long term plot to rule Your being controlled before you even hit school Pyramid scheme we’re so demeaned Non stop brainwashing on every screen What can we do oh what can we do To free the many from the few Bridges burnt no turning back Every hour a new attack In the war for your very soul International mind control Poor fight poor just over scraps Never mind the affluence gap How can oh so very few Put the screws to me and you Pyramid scheme we’re really screwed You’re blind if you can’t see the truth That military doesn’t protect you It protects the mighty masters from you Pyramid scheme it’s been so long This is not the first nor the last song Controls you with your anxieties Hiding behind secret societies All the gold at the top of the ladder Down below we’re just getting sadder While the masters are getting fatter Time has come for our numbers to matter If we could just band together Flock just like birds of a feather Stop looking around seeing only others And realize we are sisters and brothers United planet family Human being amity Stopping this calamity Averting the catastrophe Every human truly free No hunger no poverty Sharing the bounty equally This is my dream one day to see
What the heck, Jodie Beck? What the heck? What the heck? Good and evil are neck and neck Check one two, check check check What the heck, Jodie Beck? What the freakin’ freakin’ heck? I got on my turtleneck Let’s you and me hit the discotheque You have travelled you have roamed I’m glad you call my city your home Our encounters may be spaced out But you will never be phased out You can translate Japanese You like salad you like cheese You will meet me anywhere You I love and for you I care Jodie Beck you are a wonder, you If I were I pirate I would plunder you If you were a flag I would salute you If I were a pimp I’d never prostitute you But you’re not any of those things You’re the girl of whom I sing You’re a girl who knows her stuff And for me that’s good enough We may never share a burger But let’s talk about Blackie, Alberta Our parents they did some time there Maybe we are cousins dear Cause you know in those small towns People really got around I think of you as my relation I hope this gets on all the stations Jodie Beck, oh Jodie Beck, Tell me I am not a wreck Tell me I’ve been good to you I try so hard, I really do You have been so good to me Couldn’t ask for better company I only hope I’ve done you right All the day and all the night
She only calls me when she's drunk I only call her when I'm horny Who'd a thunk who'd a thunk Our relationship would be so thorny She only calls me when she's lit I only call her when I'm feelin' it We can't stand each other I'm telling you brother That's why we never see each other One drink, two drinks, three drinks, four Can't even set one foot out the door She's a stumbling drunk ass bitch But sometimes I just get an itch Nostalgia for days long gone When we sang a sweeter song When one hand washed the other Single man and single mother But since her child went away She's been drinking every day I feel for her I do feel sad That she's always feeling bad Tried to help but she's a bottomless pit And I let her get away with it Try to lift her up when she feels down But can't stand having her around Eating garbage staying out late I would not want to have her fate As youth's blossoms fall away Both of us just wither away Two lost souls wandering the plains On separate tracks our separate trains When she calls I see her number My heart becomes a little number I know that if I take the call My mood will surely take a fall But I can't seem to give up completely Even though I don't want her to see me So I just listen, lend an ear Listen to her doom and drear And offer soothing words of comfort But by her I will no longer be hurt Yes I know she has nothing to offer But I am not going to write off her There's always hope she'll find the light And make it safe out of the night So I grit my teeth and hear her Trying so hard not to fear her I'm not buying what she's sellin' She really puts the Hell in Helen
Thoughts and Prayers A G D A If only thoughts and prayers Were guns and ammunition But why split hairs When talking abolition Life ain’t fair When people have permission To do what they dare In this land of no contrition F#m A The bible stops the bullet Once in a thousand years Got a trigger gotta pull it Blow away your fears Drop and feel the full hit It’s as bad as it appears It think we better cool it Look the prayers are here A G D A If only thoughts and prayers Were guns and ammunition But why split hairs When talking abolition Life ain’t fair When people have permission To do what they dare In this land of no contrition F#m A But wait the constitution Has a guarantee No freedom dilution On that we must agree Pray for absolution After every killing spree Our very institutions Keep us from being free A G D A If only thoughts and prayers Were guns and ammunition But why split hairs When talking abolition Life ain’t fair When people have permission To do what they dare In this land of no contrition C#m Bm Bm E Lock and load your thoughts and prayers And aim them well and true You know you’ll have my thoughts and prayers When they finally come for you Keep your thoughts and prayers well oiled You never know just when This nation rotted, nation spoiled Will come to kill again F#m A Bullet tension Foundation shook It’s a game of intention Let’s take a look A wicked invention For slaying crooks The divine pretension Of an ancient book A G D A If only thoughts and prayers Were guns and ammunition But why split hairs When talking abolition Life ain’t fair When people have permission To do what they dare In this land of no contrition
The trick is my dear Get more than half of the people to hate and fear And then you see You will have corrupted democracy That’s the catch and the caveat They don’t tell you all about in civics class Keep the voters numb and dumb And tyrants will rule this kingdom come The Kingdom of Kindness Heaven on Earth End Profit Blindness See Love’s True Worth Get Rid of All Money Live Happy and Free We Don’t Need the Dollars To Get What We Need On your knees, pathetic fools We control the schools to control our rule Keeping you busy with memorization As we control the population Get a job to pay for the things you make To profit someone in whom you have no stake Hey rich man, what’s your secret Anything you lay your hands on you must keep it Get Rid of All Money Live Happy and Free We Don’t Need the Dollars To Get What We Need The Kingdom of Kindness Heaven on Earth End Profit Blindness See Love’s True Worth Don’t spend a dime unless you make a buck Keep your hands clean you’ll just stay stuck Even religion is in the game Collection plate pyramid scheme all the same It ain’t the Vatican’t it’s the Vatican What the Vatican does is exploit man With promises of eternal salvation Even though they can’t balance the equation Remove your blindfold and open your eyes Unplug your ears and listen When the kind and giving are the minority It’s time for a love cataclysm How can the few overthrow the many And save us from weakness There is just one hope if any A light in all the bleakness The Kingdom of Kindness Heaven on Earth End Profit Blindness See Love’s True Worth Get Rid of All Money Live Happy and Free We Don’t Need the Dollars To Get What We Need No More Many Losing So Few Can Win A New Way We’re Choosing That Knows Greed is a Sin Everyone Giving More Than They Take A True Way of Living For our Children’s Sake
Walk Like a Refugee Walk for your life Leave behind your enemy Walk away from strife Walk like a refugee Like your life’s in the balance Walk until you can see The dream you have been challenged Be they foreign bombs falling around Making life unsafe and unsound When there is not enough food to eat When you risk your life walking the streets When your children must grow up in fear Of all the dangers present here Perhaps now has come the day When you must decide to walk away Across the land, across the sea Nothing is too far to be free No road too long no ocean too wide To stop your freedom-seeking tide We wait for you here in the West Where many know not how they’re blessed With relative peace and opportunity My arms are open, come live with me I know the journey is so long Listen to me, hear my song In my land we are awaiting We have the society you’re anticipating We have the land and we have the will We need your heart we need your skill Come live with us and stay a while Be safe, be welcome, we want your smile O Canada! Your home and native land! True human love in all our souls’ command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, Our friends from far off shores! From far and wide, O Canada, Immigration brings us more. Love keeps our land, glorious and free! O Canada, we stand on guard for thee; O Refugees, we stand on guard for thee
Infiltr8 02:43
It’s never too late to infiltrate the state Never too late for love to defeat hate Don’t care what you say you were never great to begin with We’re infiltrating and we’re gonna win this Never too late to infiltrate the state Never too late for honour We’ll do it sweet they’ll take the bait And soon they will be goners Now that we’ve done away with truth And all wear our disguises We can just wear any mask You’re in for a few surprises Like the pastor preaching hate And hooking up on Grindr We can just say anything While doing another We’ve been watching all along And learning your moves We can match you step for step But playing our own groove Beating you at your own game Will just be the final screwing And in the end you’ll surely know You were your own undoing Making a killing off our backs That’s what I call murder Collecting taxes for war attacks That’s blood on the hands of workers No more secrets, no more lies No more vile corruption All our agents and our spies Are preparing the interruption Time for some destruction


Featuring tracks from the albums
Ho Ho No
Mexican Standoffish
Come Back Robbie Dillon
Music For Cool Cats
Kingdom of Kindness


released September 16, 2019

Produced and arranged by John Jordan
All instruments and vocals by John Jordan
except Enema of the People (music by The Clash)
and Thoughts & Prayers by Osmosis Unlimited
Featuring special guest Mello G on Only Jah


all rights reserved



Osmosis Unlimited Montreal, Québec

Saxophonist singer John Jordan and a collection of Montreal's finest musicians produce original music in ska, reggae, rock, soul, and a host of other genres.

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