by Bipolarizers

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Produced by Jea Rhee and John Jordan


released December 4, 2018

Vocals and instruments by John Jordan with Jea Rhee and Kali.


all rights reserved



Osmosis Unlimited Montreal, Québec

Saxophonist singer John Jordan and multi-instrumentalist singer Kali share songwriting duties for a mix of ska, reggae, rock, soul, and r&b.

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Track Name: All We Need
Civil obediance
Commence disobedience
We aren't a nation
Fascists practice patience
Patients to the medication
Get your education
Tune in tune out
You won't see it
On your local TV station
Air wave pollution
Politicking dilution
Everyone is asking
What's the fucking solution
Do your time
You'll be fine
Your time is due
No deadline date in mind
Why are we so blind
There's nothing in search to find
Face o face
Reality is now
Face the facts
Matter, matter
We make up matter
Facts make us fatter
Face to face
We live in disgrace
When socialism
Is an escape
From our current landscape
Two faced liars
In 12 step programs
Set it all on fire
After you split it into grams
Next level deception
Using algorithms
Can't trust your perception
We live in a fucking schism

Can't call the police
Fists of the tyrants
You won't be released
Until you're compliant
Slickness, trickiness,
Speaking in tongues
We can only watch
As it all comes undone
Cause you hallucinate
And the shit you ate
Just devastates
We were never great
Now it's too late
For us to even contemplate
The floor is shattering
Don't send another batter in
It just ain't mattering
Time after time
We rhymed and rhymed
But all it got us
Was change for a damn dime

This is our last chance
For all we need
Eat the rich
Death to greed
Track Name: Help Us Shine
If the heavens were named a after you
Would the clouds sing the blues
And cry cry cry
And cry cry cry
Would you ask the sun to shine
And bless you with your light

If the stars were named the forgotten
Would they light a path in the night sky
And shine shine shine
And shine shine shine
For we don't know what blessed fortune
Don't let us leave the past behind

Let us breathe the air around us
Please give us your light
And help us shine
And help us shine
You gave us life by divine right
Let us do you right one more time
So the rain can wash away the clouds
And the thunderclap a way up high
Could you ask the sun to shine
And bless us with your light
Could you ask the sun to shine
And bless us with your light

If the heavens were named after you
Would the clouds sing the blues
And cry cry cry
And cry cry cry
Track Name: Holy Hell
Say a prayer cause you’re a dangerous lover
Even the devil needs to take cover
Your mother knows all you touch only suffer
She prays each day to the man above her
Breakin' hearts left right and centre
There’s no cure for being a dangerous lover
Willing to die for the pride of others
Willing to kill all your brothers and sisters

Holy Hell

Is it the state, state of mind give me a reason
Why the seasons change but never the treason
Raise the flag half mast, never the last one
Dangerous love is a ticking time bomb
Money donations for a broken system
Dying in vain for those that serve em
This holy hell is the well that you drink from
Bottomless pit of greed for the wholesome

Holy Hell

Giving a damn without permission or a purpose
This is life’s great existential crisis
Ignoring everything that’s just not convenient
Judging everyone but hope the judge is lenient
Racing to see who can point the firnger first
You think it’s bad but it’s only getting worse
Time now for us to make a long awaited exit
When they ask you how you know remember who first said it

Holy Hell