Produced by John Jordan at Osmosis HQ November 23, 2019


Let me see some hands in the air in here
You know we got it going on in here my dear
Everybody comes from far and near
Because this is where all of your worries disappear
We gonna make you laugh until there’s tears
In my space in the basement there’s always beer
Something to eat and something to puff
It’s not fancy but more than good enough

Osmosis HQ is our headquarters
Sometimes we even get reporters
Trying to unlock all of our secrets
We give em up and we got no regrets
Ask me anything I’m an open book
I wear many hats for my rude boy look
They come one by one and they come in numbers
Some to see me most to see Humbert

My sofa likes to make you slumber
Pretty soon you’ll be sawing lumber
Come on genius come get dumber
You know I live with the world’s smartest plumber
Filling in all the gaps in your knowledge
Blazed his way through high school and college
He knows his stuff you must acknowledge
Always climbing high and never falling

Call up to Peter, Bob and Mona
My lifelong fellow NDG homies
Long time now I know them they know me
Oh the things that they have shown me
Bushi howling on the corner by Esposito
Still sounds better than Despacito
Even I sometimes want to howl me too
When it’s been a long time since I last seen you

Yes Alley Cat Gallery is my jam
Had an idea and hatched a plan
To make us known throughout the land
To make a statement and take a stand
Put some kitty cats on the main drag
Even got a tiger on a Taiwanese flag
Keeps the delinquents from spraying tags
Even when the dogs come their tails do wag

It’a my home, it’s the perfect base
It’s headquarters, it’s our space
Making jams so in your face
Grooves that’ll put you right in your place
For this I have so much gratitude
Representing positive attitude
Always in the moment in a good mood
Who’s the lucky one? It is this dude


from Suit Up For Work, released September 28, 2019
All instruments and vocals by John Jordan


all rights reserved



Osmosis Unlimited Montreal, Québec

Saxophonist singer John Jordan and a collection of Montreal's finest musicians produce original music in ska, reggae, rock, soul, and a host of other genres.

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